A Better Balanced Future for Women General Contractors

Through the Sweeten Accelerator for Women (SAW), women general contractors access job opportunities, greater visibility, and an exclusive peer network to develop and grow more successful women-owned general contracting businesses.


Our Purpose

Our mission at SAW is to build a better balanced future for women general contractors.

According to the National Association of Women in Construction, less than 3% of the professional and management roles within the construction industry are filled by women. Yet, the true nature of these construction roles does not support the idea that it is innately “men’s work.” Success in construction depends on many varied skills and contributions. What’s more, within the construction industry, the pay gap between men and women is far less significant than the national average, with women earning 95.7% of what men earn, compared with 82% nationally (NAWIC). A shift in the professional paradigm for general contractors would mean more opportunities for women to enjoy business ownership and greater wealth and would diversify the client experience in important ways. By supporting and promoting women GCs, we aim to put that shift into motion and help bridge the gender gap.

How SAW supports women GCs

The Sweeten Accelerator for Women envisions a better gender balance in general contracting and construction by supporting professional equity and access for women in the following ways:

High quality project leads

As part of Sweeten’s general contractor base, firms are matched with pre-qualified projects and clients according to their own specific criteria.

Increased visibility

Through Sweeten’s platform, woman owned and operated general contracting and design-build firms are highlighted with a special designation, making them easier to find and hire for value-aligned clients.

Exclusive peer network

Members stay connected to the industry and a group of fellow women GCs through our quarterly programming.


How to join

The first step to becoming a member of SAW is to become part of Sweeten. Learn more about Sweeten and apply to get started.

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